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Metered Dose Inhalers
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Machinery from DH Industries

Our business is the design, specification and supply of machinery for the manufacture and filling of chemical based products.


The products range from special compounds for anchoring bridge supports, body sprays, shaving gels to metered dose aerosols for the treatment of respiratory diseases.Their consistency is from heavy pastes to liquids, foams and compressed gases. They may be aggressive, toxic, water based, hazardous, flammable or gentle.


Machines and process plant range from laboratory and pilot equipment to full scale production lines. We supply dispersers, vacuum and planetary mixers, pumping and transfer systems, process vessels, strainers and filtration equipment, filling and packaging machines, conveyor systems, aerosol and spray component feeders, fillers, crimpers, gassers, checkweighers, test baths and trayloaders, together with performance and quality monitoring equipment.


Control systems to run this machinery are individually designed and built by us to enable the equipment to produce the products safely with maximum efficiency and minimum rejects, interfacing with associated services and systems. Documentation is provided to comply with industry standards, for example: GAMP and ATEX.


Support, training and a parts service second to none, help you run and maintain the equipment we supply.