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Machinery for Metered Dose Inhalers

DH Industries Limited, the UK division of Pamasol Willi Mäder AG have specialised in the development of equipment and control systems for filling and handling Metered Dose Inhalers since their introduction in the 1960’s.

Pharmaceutical aerosols are often constrained in scope due to registration and patent issues. This has resulted in many different formulations, components and filling techniques which are under constant development.

DH work confidentially with their customers to guide them from concept to clinical trials on the best filling method for their products and then transfer these techniques to full scale production.

Documentation for operation, maintenance, training and validation qualification is produced to enable proficient use of the equipment and satisfy stringent legislative and industry requirements.


All our procedures from specification, equipment layout, manufacture, testing and installation are designed to ease progress of the project through validation.


Machinery for Metered Dose Inhalers