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Machinery for Metered Dose Inhalers - Testing

Machinery for Metered Dose Inhalers - Testing

Shot Weight Testing

Laboratory Machine
(single head)

Cans are manually loaded into a single testing station.

Laboratory Machine
(multiple head)

Cans are manually loaded into multiple test stations where several cans are tested at the same time.

Semi Automatic Machine

Filled trays are manually loaded into the machine and a robot handling system unloads the trays and places the cans into the test station.
- Running speed 5 - 8 cpm

Automatic Production Machine

Cans are taken from the packaging line conveyor by a robot handling system and presented to multiple test stations.
- Running speeds 60 - 150 cpm depending on number of test stations


pMDI Shot Weight Testing Machine

Eco Pharma Water Bath

MDI Shot Weight Testing Machine

pMDI Shot Weight Testing Machine

The shot weight testing machine is part of the Pamasol & DH pMDI complete manufacturing control and monitoring system.

It forms part of the pMDI packaging line and carry out the various functions.

The display model utilises a robot picking device and vision system to automatically unload cans from trays and load them back into trays after testing.

Various functions

- Reads the weight written in a data matrix code on the base of the can after filling
- Weighs the can and compares the two weights to check the leakage rate over the quarantine period
- Actuates the can to prime the valve metering chamber
- Actuates the can and measure the shot weight emitted from the valve to ±1mg
- Measures the force required to actuate the can during testing

MDI Eco Pharma Water Test Bath

Eco Pharma Water Bath

The water bath of the series Eco Pharma is exclusively designed for the application in the pharmaceutical industry. In the water bath the filled MDI cans are tested for resistance to pressure.

- For aluminium cans, can height up to max 100 mm, diameter 20 - 35 mm

- Capacity 120 - 240 containers/min according to type of water bath at an immersion time of 3 minutes.