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Our Services
DH Automation
Control System Design & Build
PLC / HMI Programming
Inverter Drives & Servo Control
Pneumatic Systems & Controls
Vision Systems & Integration
Weighing Systems
Coding & Printing Systems
Fault Diagnosis & Repair
Efficiency & Upgrades
PAT Testing

Fault Diagnosis & Repair

We can provide extensive fault diagnosis and repair services for various systems and equipment such as;

  • PLC Systems
  • Relay Logic
  • 24V DC Systems
  • Single and Three Phase Circuits
  • Motor Starters and Overloads
  • Inverter Drives
  • Safety Systems
  • Electro-Pneumatic Systems
  • Hazardous Area (ATEX) Equipment
  • Gas Detection and Explosion Suppression Systems

Our technicians can diagnose the fault and suggest the most appropriate course of action. If repairs are needed, we can carry these out to get you up and running again.


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