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Machinery for Processing Equipment - Mixing Heavy Materials

For almost one hundred years Battaggion has been supplying heavy duty mixing equipment of the highest quality. Throughout this time their aim has always been to provide the most up-to-date, reliable and efficient mixers to meet today's production demands. This is achieved through a commitment to technological research, and working closely with customers to understand their needs

SIGMA Blade Mixers with Tilting mixing chambers

Efficient mixing of medium to very high viscosity products. Often considered the workhorses of the heavy mixing industry.

SIGMA Blade Mixer with discharge screw

Efficient mixing of medium to very high viscosity products with controlled, fast empting of the processed product.

BATTMIX Kneader Mixers with pressurised cover

Designed for mixing the very highest viscosity products. Controlled pressure on the lid ensures materials are fed directly into the kneading/masticator blades for very efficient processing. .

VERTICAL Mixers with various tooling options

Used for processing a wide range of products. They can be executed as single or double shaft mixers with tooling and speed range to suit products to be processed. A planetary option is also available.


These mixers are widely used in plasticised PVC compounding, dry-blend production, master batch preparation, production of fibrous masses, plastic recycling, powdered pigment colouring and many more applications.


These mixers have an inclined rotating bowl for processing ingredients when a short, high intensity, mixing cycle is required, resulting in a completely homogeneous product...


These mixers have been developed to handle the mixing needs of the chemical, composite, pharmaceutical, food and plastic industries, to name but a few. Special mixing tools and multi blade side choppers are installed to suit the type of product to be processed.

RIBBON Blenders and Vacuum Dryers

These mixers are used in many industries to blend, dry, vacuum process, etc. a wide range of products. Mixers can be jacketed for working temperatures up to 300° C to suit the required application.


This conical mixer can have 1 or 2 mixing impellers and is often used in the plastics industry for fast mixing and pre-mixing of polymeric compounds etc. before feeding directly into an extruder for processing. A planetary version is also available.

IPI 2000 litre production mixer

IPI 2000 litre production mixer

Tilting Kneader with contact parts constructed of stainless steel, with an electro-polished finish. The drive is fully enclosed by protective guarding. This mixer is executed for food application and many other applications.


IPC 9000 litre large production mixer

IPC 9000 litre large production mixer

This type of mixer is fitted with a discharge screw for the fast, controlled emptying of highly viscous products. When mixing the screw is run in reverse to further enhance the mixing effect.


IPC 175 Pharmaceutical mixer

IPC 175 Pharmaceutical mixer

175 litre total capacity Sigma Kneader with high powered drives. All product contact parts constructed of AISI 316 L Stainless Steel.


IPC 25 Small production mixer

IPC 25 Small production mixer

The smaller range of production mixers can be can be executed with the same specifications and features of the larger units as required


IPC 10 Laboratory mixer

IPC 10 Laboratory mixer

10 litre capacity laboratory Sigma Kneader with a tilting tank is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel. It has a cantilevered mixing chamber and removable trough end. High powered design, with a jacketed trough shell, and a built in electrical control cabinet in the supporting stainless steel stand.