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Machinery for Processing Equipment - Process Evaluation

Right from the start…
Whether you are developing a new product or want to increase production, efficiency or the quality of one of your existing products:


Call DH in the initial stages to give you guidance on process methods and help you select the right equipment for the job.


We will also evaluate the versatility of our proposed solution if other products are to be considered now or in the future.


The DH process development laboratory at our premises in the UK, is equipped with a range of small-scale mixers and dispersers representative of the production size equipment we supply.


Facilities for cooling, heating and mixing under vacuum are provided on many of the machines to enable valid samples to be produced for presentation or evaluation.


You will be invited to bring along your raw materials for us to conduct tests and share the benefit of our experience with your development staff.


Set up your own facility…
We supply what is probably the most comprehensive range of laboratory and pilot scale equipment for manufacture of Industrial Products. Tests in our Development Laboratory will assist you in the selection of the machinery most suited to your needs.


Fill out the heavy stuff...

Once you have made your sample product, how do you get it out of the mixing vessel if it is heavy and sticky? - No problem. The DH Laboratory is also equipped with manual and hydraulically operated filling presses to transfer heavy pastes and mastics into cartridges, tubes or tubs. Take them away for evaluation. It’s easy with DH !